Take care of my girl Friend
 That afternoon in seattel very hot, under a shady tree is a male was lying dreamily
"See, our relationship can not continue, stop it" said the word was still ringing in my head, even though the incident was 4 months ago but I still feel like just happened yesterday
Me? Who am I? I was a failed Leder, I can only give my members trouble with my ability korean very little,
Me? Who am I? I can only make my company embarrassed because my case
Me? Who am I? I'm just stupid man who decided his girlfriend because of selfish
Thanks to my ego, I decided our relationship that has lasted 5 months, and I know I can not live without the spirit of it
Drrrt drrt drrt
There dimy incoming sms mobile phone when I opened it, ah it from heecul, he's one of my friends that I still posted, I also frequently monitored 2pm and my ex through her, yes I am ashamed to admit it but I really miss them
"Jaebum ~ ah, doing a good perfom 2pm today, they are very excited ^ ^" so that the contents sms I smile and reply sms heecul
"Gomawo heecul hyung, sorry to trouble you, please keep them because they are very meaningful to me" I heandphone my flip closed and walked home
1 week later
  Listen to my Heartbeat Heartbeat My cell phone rang, I accidentally put my hp ringtone Heartbeat on so I do not ever forget them Jaebum: Hello?
Heecul: jaebum ~ ah
Jaebum: yes, wassup?
Heecul: I really like Jessica, can I date her?
Duuarrttt like lightning struck my heart shattered into pieces
Jaebum: ah .. emm ... ne, not I break up with him?
Heecul: gomawo jaebum ah I'll cover for the side of Jessica, already used to it anyong
"I'll cover for the side jessica" what's that all about? although I've dropped out I still can not forget
Jessica's POV
"Sica" someone called my name softly, almost gently call me oppa jaebum
"Ah, heecul oppa, what is it?" I asked when she saw heecul
"Would you be my girl?" Heecul bent infront of me
"Op .. oppa, but" I still doubt
"Calm SICA, I already asked permission from jaebum"
"What? What is oppa talking about? "
"If you do not believe you should call him"
No strings attached again I called the fool, the fool who broke up, the fool who does not know how much I tortured because he left me, fool me so easily give up on his own best friend
"Hello?" Jaebum answered his phone in english
"Oppa! Is that true? you've let heecul?
"I could not help my emotions
"Oh SICA, ne, that, that is ok, just get away"
"Oppa you talk so cruel to me?"
"It's ok it's not like We have anything to do EACH other anymore"
"Oppa, miane, I'll receive love heecul" I've lost common sense without realizing I challenge park jaebum, ah no he's not jaebum, he jay park he's not the first, I challenge him so he jealous of me
"Stop say sorry, my heart does not hurt, told heecul he should be a good girlfriend for you"
Jaebum hung up, I just froze looking at my hp screen, I was walking toward Kissed heecul and uterus, for all the indelible memories of jaebum
Jaebum pov
"Be a good girlfriend because you're replacing my Posisis in his heart" to say that I'm still scared, I was scared because I can not say I could not sleep for thinking of jessica Did not she realize I still love him?
Can she say I'm still waiting for you oppa?
Please say no, no, no! do not accept heecul, say no! Let's say you still love you and I will get the strength to meet you
"she can not drink much, he does not like smoking"
"she hated himself so stay there by his side"
"Always celebrate birthday and Anniversaries"
I do not understand why I had to shout shouted talks the heecul?
without me knowing I had said all the list of what Jessica did not like and what she likes I know I'm lying to myself but I'm still acting cool I know will feel disappointed behind his back and begged to release it back to me heecul God give me strength to meet her and explain everything
Heecul pov
Agrhh, what jebum not yet aware, too? I was fishing for his return to the side of Jessica? "
"I know SICA still love her?"
"And I know she loves SICA more than anything, I was shocked when he mentioned all that SICA does not like, meaning he has not forgotten SICA"
I have to bait him again
Jaebum pov
"Oppaa! terrible terrible terrible! "Yoona shrill voice in my ear
"Yes! what is it? Why cried so anyway? ears can be dislodged "I grunted annoyed
"Oppa othoke? Jessica and heecul oppa they have not come home from last night "Yoona started to panic
"What? Where are they? "I was shocked and immediately took my car keys "Molla, I know oppa already arrived in Korea are now rapidly search for Jessica!" Yoona threatening
"Cangkaman, how did you know I was there in Korea?"
"From taecyon oppa, he said you go back to shooting and diving settle 7 months"
"Basic aishhh boy, if I dare to 2pm Syndrome I would immediately pounce!"
"There sudahh oppa look for jessica> <"
"Ne ne ne" jaebum hung up and take a bike lock Jay spin
"from one street to another street, it was already late jay tried to contact jessica many times but not in charge jay decided to sms them both
Jessica's POV
I invite heecul oppa dating, I've not been home all day, definitely SNSD really worried me, but I need a distraction, I still can not accept the situation, my hp rang I checked my hp and saw 14 and 38 missscall message I think it must Yoona, I decided to read the sms it I was shocked! what's this!
Yoona I mengsms only 3 times, taeon unnie 2 times, sunny 5 times, and the rest that 28 is jaybunny
I still have his number, I think I can call her at any time, but he had my sms as much as 28 times Nervously,
I read her sms
To: SICA From: jaybunny Yes! You're where? Hurry home, Yoona very worried 21:10 a.m
To: SICA From: jaybunny Sica! Do not play "! ppalie go home! 21:14 a.m
To: SICA From: jaybunny You're where? You're together heecul hyung? Reply sms me! Yaa! 21:23 a.m
To: SICA From: jaybunny You're where? I'll catch you guys! 21:37 a.m
To: SICA From: jaybunny Sica ~ I beg you, do not make me worry, pick up my phone, if you're reading this sms fast call me 21:55 a.m
To: SICA From: jaybunny What are you doing? Why are you ignoring my sms? Chinja! I'm worried! 22:01 a.m
I am pleased and confused, I'm glad jay worries me, but I'm confused, what should I reply his sms
To: jaybunny From: SICA Do not worry, I'm with chul oppa, you did not bother "looking for me, I can go home with chul oppa 23:12 a.m
End jessica pov
Jay pov
I got a sms from jessica, she told me not to worry! how can! he went some where with a man, I know not napeun Namja heecul, but still I'm restless, I stuck my bike gas I do not know where but I have to find jessica
Ddrrrt ddrtt drrt my cellphone rang, I stopped to check on my hp
To: jaebum From: cinderellaYa ~ jaebum park, me and my girlfriend is on han river, we meet another fast, I'm confused, jessica fainted from the cold, we were stuck here 24.00 a.m
Wth! SICA fainted? I direct my bike with a speed boost 200km/jam I know it's dangerous but in my mind is just jessica I arrived at 2 o'clock han river at dawn, I was very weak because the spur my bike at high speed at night and race akantuk start attacking me I must survive! jessica heecul stuck here and I ran down the river han
AHA! I see that blonde girl! She closed her eyes and lay on a chair, he looked pale and cold
End jay pov
Author pov
Jay hugged jessica and wrapped a black leather jacket that he wore
Jay stroked his cheek so she gets a warm
Jessica began to tremble and to open his eyes Jessica stared see jay is hug her
"Jay .. this really you" Jessica said softly almost in a whisper
"Chagiya, miane .. I've become the most pabo, I still love you, I'm very selfish decision our relationships without thinking about how you feel, im an idiot "jay jessica tight hug
"Jay ... but .. i love this idiot" says Jessica smiling
"Really? 'Eyes jessica jay
"Really!" Said Jessica
Jessica touched the cheek jay "Honey, I think I almost forget my face chinggu Namja" said a small laugh jessica
"From now on you will not forget your namja face again, because I'll always be with you from now on, I will stay with you until you're tired of seeing my face "said Jay as he put his hand over Jessica
"I'll never see your face pabo bored!" Said Jessica stuck out his tongue
"Yaa! Who pabo "kissing jessica jay and hug her close
They release one another to take a breath
"Look jay, eyes on the day it appears we have to go home, others would wooried" said Jessica saw the eyes of the day began to reveal its form
"Nae yeojadeul, all of them do not worry about you ... but THEIR VERY worried about you, napeon yeoja" pinched cheeks jessica jay passionately
"Jaysica! CUKAE! Congrats! "Suddenly SNSD, 2pm, and stood behind them heecul
"You?" Jay frowned
"Hyung, you're evil never called us
" wooyoung pretend to cry
"SICA! do not ever go out at night again! "fretted taeyon
"Plan worked" the proud heecul
"Yaa yaa yaa! So this plan? "Asked the confused jaysica
"WE PLAN!" Said SNSD and 2PM unison
"We deliberately called you to search for jessica" said Yoona
"I purposely left jessica when she fell asleep on the bench" said heecul
"Aishh chinja!" Jay put the face of anger, fear heecul SNSD 2pm and they make a mad jay Jessica was also puzzled why jay annoyed
"Do not ever leave the ice princess arraseo cold here again!" Said Jay as he put his arm around her waist jessica
Everyone laughed to see jessica flushed
"Aww beip, that so sweet kiss on the cheek jessica jay
"Ewww you find room there," shouted SNSD and 2PM at the same time
Jay pov
Jessica, nae yeoja, im promise i will of never let you go again From now on I will be here by your side Alway and for ever Sarange jessica jung, chongmal Sarange

Hyung,they have a leeder
 Today 2pm children are off from their schedules after their promotion of the album Still 2pm ...
Wooyoung're watching KBS music bank and see all the girl / boygrup who were singing No single member cautionary wooyoung,
Junho was sleeping in his room, as usual Chansung were eating in the kitchen, taecyon was playing with laptop, Junsu and nichkun are training their vocal Wooyoung very jealous of other bands, they seem very happy with 'Their' LEEDER ' Wooyoung watch film footage as they do again and again perfom a distinguished record in silence him and other members unknown
He watched as the MC gives trophies to jaebum, he saw all the members cried and embraced each other, he saw leeder thanked the people and he saw 2pm with 7 members, already 2 albums they promoted without leeder, wooyoung feel empty without giving any reply spirit and scold when other members are lazy to practice
"Woo? What are you watching? "Junsu suddenly and nichkun out of the room and sat down beside wooyoung
"Aniya hyung" wooyoung immediately pressed the button and turn off the TV
"Do not lie, you're watching Yadong yes?" Junsu squinted
"What? Basic baby naughty, baby napeun "pinched cheeks nichkun
"Aniya hyung, how could I watch this broad daylight Yadong" wooyoung who ran red cheeks pinched nichkun
"What? Yadong? "Taecyon who are sensitive to the word Yadong exit and follow-up in the living room TV
"Ah hyung basis bawdy, Yadong hear directly follow" grumbled wooyoung
"You watch Yadong woo?" Taec raised eyebrows
"Aniya I do not watch it" said in evasion wooyoung
"The time anyway?" Taec raised both eyebrows
"Ok ok so I watched yesterday, but today I did not watch Yadong"
"Whoa daebak, you see Yadong silently without being noticed hyungmu yes" Junsu throw pillows to woo
"Then what are you watching woo?" Nichkun still curious
"If I tell you, hyung do not get mad" woo said, looking down not sure what she should tell or not hyung hyungnya
"Promise" said taec, Khun Junsu Concurrent
"Hyung what is going on?" Chansung comes while eating his favorite banana
"Let's watch what tough woo" said taec
"Ah, then I wake Junho hyung's first" walk in the direction Chansung Junho room and returned to the room TV with the still sleepy Junho
Once everything is complete they waited wooyoung lit Tv
They were joking until suddenly appear sound from the TV jaebum
Again and again
and Again and again
Waegure Molla
They were all stunned when she saw the MC handed trophies to jaebum and they began to look in the mirror glass when viewing 2pm embraced each other as the seventh member,
they view 2am entrance onto the stage and congratulate
Now in six of their brain is being distorted while recording events jaebum smiled one last time as leeder and walked out the door to leave and return to seattle seoul
Junho very first cry after watching the recorded footage wooyoung He is a member of the most hurt because she and jaebum share a room together and were very close as real brothers
The second person who cried was Magnae Chansung, he remembered jaebum always watched him, he always fed a lot by leeder, because it is very fond of eating Chansung
Then followed nichkun, she always admired the ability jaebum rap and dance, he always envied with muscles and delighted jaebum jaebum hug, they both experienced a period"which is difficult in a language support because they are international
Wooyoung also cried, he remembered when his voice low, his handwriting jaebum read aloud while being interviewed, and jaebum always give ice cream after exercise
Junsu who tried to calm Magnae also finally melted, jaebum always praised his voice, he recalled jaebum said that jaebum hate his own voice as sounding like a child, whereas among the other members are the most distinctive voice
Taecyon very strong at 2pm even shed tears, jaebum and he is a friend, they were friends before they became members of the hot blood, they always work on other members and always compact
"Hyung-snif snif snif-see-them-all have leeder" wooyoung said, pointing at the glass screen
Now on the screen are highlighted member, super junior with Leeteuk as leeder, shinee with Onew as leeder, MBLAQ with seunghoo, Cn Blue with Yonghwa
"Snif snif-even-SNSD also have taeyon as Leder-snif-hyung" said wooyoung again
"Fig-woo, hyung know" said Junsu who was stroking his back and Junho Chansung
"I want him back, I miss the language koreanya destroyed, with wird smille of he, with his attitude that always uses the name leeder to tell us to do the command" said Chansung
"We all want it back Chansung, we all miss him" said nichkun spoke
"You know? I always linger long in front of my laptop, I always check the news about him, every second I scraped the internet to find out the situation "said taecyon
"Hyung, I also, every night I slept on a mattress jaebum hyung, I'm still merasakn smell his sweat and the smell of perfume that she wears, and the mattress core is very warm" Junho still teary-eyed
"Can we have leeder again?" Asked wooyoung
"Junsu, he could be responsible and very diligent" said nichkun
"Not hyung, leeder that I want only one" answered Chansung
"Just jaebum hyung" said Junho add
Suddenly the door opened and Syndrome ...
"My child! mommy come home! netizer managed to catch the person who had a heck myspace, now I'm free! "sound that does not go unheard acyl
"Hyung, I think I started hallucinating" said Junho
"Yes, I heard a voice say that we are their children" said Chansung
"Yaa ~! Pabo, you try to turn back "the voice said
All members in unison turned and looked out from the face smiling angel jaebum
"JAEBUM Hyung!" Direct scattered all hugged jaebum
"Hyung-snif -, bogoshipo-snif-sinca" said Chansung
"Yaa yaa yaa, you kill me" said jaebumyg almost out of breath
"Hyung?" Call wooyoung
"Ne?" Said the soft jaebum
"Means that now we have leeder again?" Asked wooyoung
"Absolutely right, and you do not expect to relax relaxed and sit idle, because the baby sitter jay was here!" Said the cheerful jaebum
"Hyung you're sounding more and pabo" said taecyon
"But it made me miss you" says taecyon again before hitting his head jaebum
"Bogoshipo hyung" said the six of them
"Bogohipoyo 2pm, what time is it?"
"It's time for change!"

  The end   

Happy Birthday !


Amnesia ?
 New News Ledeer Park jaebum suffered amnesia because of a fall at practice
now she was taken to hospital, when it taecyon ang been training with view fall and immediately took him to hospital '

Jay: - rubbed his head, where I?
Taec: --hyung nervous do not you remember?
Jay: - confused-who are you?
Taec: let me explain it later, now let's get back, quickly, before the reporters arrived
Jay: Huh? reporter?

Taecyon interesting jaebum to the car and took him home to Syndrome

At Drom:

jaebum confusion seeing children in Syndrome, where the boxer is where, pack snacks is on the sofa etc.

"Hyung, wassup" duo Magnae (Chansung and Junho) over to jay and taec

"Emmm, Junho, Chansung, I was entrusted jaebm hyung, I'm going to the bathroom" taec submit jaebum reply to dou Magnae amnesia

"Emm Hello, what do we copy the know?" jay asked
"Hyung? You why? This I Junho! We share a room do you remember?" Junho unconvinced forget jay

"It's me hyung, who 2pm Magnae cutesy" said Chansung

Jay's eyes looked amused and Junho at Chansung

"WAE?" Chansung asked hyungnya stared at the sight hyung

"Oh, emm I've got amnesia during exercise, can you help me remember?" jaebum plain words

Duo smiled wickedly towards direct Magnae jay

"Hyung, we'll help you" said Junho "that's good" jaebum grateful

"Hyung, if you remember back, can you give us a Mango?" Chansung with a sly smile said

"Well" said jaebum

before Junho and Chansung jaebum poison with lies suddenly come Junsu

"HA! What are you doing on jaebum hyung?" Junsu yelled with her golden voice

"Terrible! Away!" Junho and Junsu Chansung ran in chase

"What happened?" jaebum sculpting itself in space Tv

woyoung jaebum stared from his bedroom and came to him with shame

"Jaaeebi hyung" calling softly wooyoung

"Hmm .. I'm sorry to speak before jaebum wooyoung cut

"I know you're amnesia" said wooyoung

"Well, you already know, now tell me your name 'says jaebum

"I wooyoung, usually uyongie or udong you call me, I am one of your favorite dongsae hyung" arms embracing wooyoung jaebum

jaebum: - cold sweat-rr-rreally?

wooyoung: - nodded slowly, you're very happy with my cheek

jaebum: I admit you have the cheek funny

wooyoung: sinca? you know you like what else?

jay: - swallow-

instantly ..

"WOOYOUNGG! FAR AWAY FROM MY JAYJAY!" nichkun out of the room and shout

wooyoung: oopss - fled to the kitchen and follow-up Chansung Junho and hide under the table-

Khun: jay hyung!

Jay: nnnneee?

Khun: did you forget who you were?

Jay: ne, I'm having amnesia

Khun: I'll help you, listen carefully "

jay looked as if going Khun Khun was the angel who was sent to help him

Khun: you're a Park jaebum!, You are leeder of the beastly idol named 2pm

jaebum listened while nodding his head

Khun: although you most parents, you are most short

jaebum staring with wide eyes Khun

Khun: emm, you have a very great dancing skills and nothing can beat you

Jaebum smiled proudly

Khun: even if you have the body of 10 packs, but you're afraid of cockroaches

"Yaaa! Chansung! Junho! Why there are cockroaches in my shoes?" Junsu went to jay and Khun while carrying cockroaches

jay: HIIIHHH cockroaches

Jaebum run and hit a wall

Taecyon new-out bathroom was surprised to see Junsu nichkun jaebum and cockroaches (?)

Taec: what's this?

Junsu: duo Magnae cockroaches enter into my shoes, and fainting jaebum hyung

Jay:-already-conscious, Taecyon Ok, I remember now!

Taec: - nervous-it good hyung, we must let managers

Jay: wait! I remember! during exercise, we're resting, you suddenly catch a cockroach, and then I ran and hit the door!

Khun Junsu:-blank-

Taec: easy man, we're talking about bai .. forgiveness Hyunggg

Taecyon in the chase towards it jaebum who threw shoes

Junsu: uri leeder afraid of cockroaches?

Khun: very embarrassing - shake his head-


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